Deeanna Jay
My name is Deeanna Jay, and I am an Australian-born, UK- based artist, whose current series of playful, three-dimensional paintings and installations explore an expression of personal childhood memories and how they can be perceived using semiotics and symbolism. My eclectic work combines both sculptural and painting methods and is influenced by pop art, collage, and surrealism. I am also inspired by artists such as Rene Magritte and Flo Brookes. By reducing a memory into base symbols specific to myself, I can create distance from the references and allow a narrative to emerge for the viewer. My references are sourced from family, or directly from memory, allowing work to be created from different lenses and my use of materials/making process lends itself to the way memories function. Childlike crafts such as clay or paper mache are nostalgic, whilst simultaneously, incorporating elements of mediums such as oil paint allows me time to reflect from a more mature place.
BA (Hons) Fine Art