Cameron Clack
My practice was not something I found myself interested in, until I fell in too deep. I am a projection installation artist, who explores the concepts of toxic masculine cultures online intertwined with my own queer experiences, by reimagining narratives and presenting myself as the people I interact with online. My work is very unserious and often uses imagery of men engaging in puzzling tasks, such as washing their hair or enjoying a ‘chick-flick.' I was once an abstract painter, who felt they were restricted by process - investing time into making digital media enriched me with the ability to take risks and enjoy the process of making. My practice has recently shifted to becoming more animation based with me being excited about the development of subtle and seamless movement, a key piece of feedback given about my work was always that: “it felt to be moving,” thus giving me the inspiration to use my imagery to create gifs with small movement that just catch the eye.
BA (Hons) Fine Art