Aimee Lambert
At heart I have always been a storyteller, someone who wants to tell stories through imagery and beautiful language in poetry to make both my life and work into a piece of creative art. I am a Final Year BA (Hons) Fashion Communication & Promotion student who has a constant hunger for freedom and adventure that I like to feed into my creative work. I have always been passionate about the past and actively collect vintage and antique clothing because I love the stories that they hold and that I get to continue to tell them whilst looking and feeling like I have walked out of a different era. I see fashion as a form of art. My proudest pieces of work have to be the ones I can find the most beauty in such as my most recent Photobook 'Modestly', which explores the way in which women who choose to conceal skin for one reason or another are as much as in control of themselves as women who choose not to aspire to this form of dress and how it is a form of choice and freedom.
BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion