Zuzanna Wajda
I am a set and costume designer with experience in fine arts and graphic design and passion for theatre, site-specific performances, history of art, exhibitions, scenic art, and museums. I believe my art and designs reflect my skills and knowledge about the subjects mentioned above. I enjoy designing for non-theatrical spaces, as they have individual atmospheres and histories that influence the design making it unique and original, which I experienced creating the “Rebel City” project. I am personal in my design and artwork and approach every project in a new, fresh, unconventional manner, e.g. realised set and costume design for “Lost”. Apart from designing, I am keen on scenic art, as painting on a large scale satisfies me, and I have the right skills. After graduating, I would still like to explore the world of theatre and design, as with the range of skills I have and I am still willing to learn, I can be suitable for many projects within the design industry.
BA (Hons) Theatre Design