Zhuoqun Li
My name is Zhuoqun Li, and I'm a student from MA Fashion Design. My design concept is to design clothes that bring power and energy to people. This project is about women's safety in public places. Many studies showed that women are at highest risk of sexual violence, and that sexual violence occurs both at home and public places. The aims of the project is to design the clothes can physically have protection function for women from violence in public places, and increase the spiritual sense of security for women who go out alone in their daily life. My inspiration comes from the legend of the door god in China, the general who guards the gates of the ghost city, which have more than thousand years of history. I use the crime map of Nottingham in November 2021 to develop my fabric, which shows that hundreds of incidents of violence and sexual offences has taken place in Nottingham just in one month. I want to show the map clearly to highlight the seriousness of women's safety issues.
MA Fashion Design