Yuan Wang
It's been a year of meeting people from all over the world, trying new things and I've enjoyed it. I like to find inspiration from things I care about. My MA project ‘Enthusiast’ delves into my obsessions. And I really want to tell everyone, ‘Your life and your qualities are more precious than anything. You are your own world. Guide yourself correctly and Love yourself.’ I am passionate about Fashion, also sustainability in the Fashion industry and Eco-friendly materials are aspects I hope to build awareness for and push through my practice in my work to come. Moreover, I hope to refine my 3D virtual technology to present my work. Not only do I want to develop and explore new techniques, but I also want to use our traditional Chinese handicraft techniques in my future projects, such as ancient dyeing and different embroidery techniques, all of which are beautiful and worth passing on. To find out more about my work and myself, you could click on the relevant links below.
MA Fashion Design