Yu Teoh
Before I started my degree in BA Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University I was already interested in fashion design. However, during the time I collaborated with Emmanuel House Support Centre charity in the first year of my degree, I discovered why I want to focus my career on fashion design. I realize that, through fashion, I am able to help people. While I was designing a garment made for homeless people I noticed how much a well thought design can contribute to society and the world. Thanks to this project I learned a lot about functionality and how to create a design based on people's needs. “Romance of the space’’ is my final major project. This is a project about love and possibility. I use space as a background and bring love into this mystery and full of magnificent colors place. In this project I focus on the possibility of clothing to help people has lower motor skills and coordination skill. This is the project to support them in clothing to be more independ
BA (Hons) Fashion Design