Yiwen Sun
I’m Yiwen Sun. I’m currently a fashion design final year student at Nottingham Trent University. I’m interested in fashion design, pattern cutting, illustration, fine art, and installation art. I would like to introduce one of my projects called “Magical Ears” The "Magical Ears" project was inspired by my own ears. My ears have been very sensitive from an early age - I can’t sleep well on a thundery night - but at the same time from a young age to learn music my listening is extremely sensitive. It is part of my so-called "talent", though my ears also bring me harm sometimes after inadvertently hearing other people's accusations. I recently won some Illustration awards which are; Bronze Prizes in the Britain International Creative Competition in November 2021 for my work “Magical Ears” and the Bronze prize in the Britain International Creative Competition for another work “He seemed to be eating happily”.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design