Xiaowei She
I am an international student from China, I have grown a lot during my four years of study in the UK and have gradually become more outgoing. As a Decorative Arts student, I have been using what I have learnt in my major to make my own handmade accessories. I also have my own hobbies to enrich my life. I love working out and playing basketball, and I believe that proper leisure activities can keep me energized and engaged in my studies. I really enjoy studying metals, it allows me to cover areas I have never known before and through studying metals I have not only improved my hands on skills but also developed an interest and patience when making things. I am a member of the school's Chinese Students' Union, designing posters and promoting the Union's activities. After my undergraduate degree, I will choose to continue my studies at postgraduate level to learn more and enrich my life experience so that I can better adapt to life when I work in the future.
BA (Hons) Decorative Arts