William Birkin
During my time at NTU, I have had the pleasure of learning the language of fashion. My interest began as a young boy, confused about his gender identity and sexual orientation. The pressures of the outside world led me to gain an interest in fashion, where I first met myself, my tribe. Having watched numerous fashion shows and interviews with legendary designers, I knew this was the direction my life should be heading. Many years passed, and I finally took the courage to take the jump and start my career in fashion. At the end of my course, I realized I had made the best decision and became even more engulfed in design. I have felt more passion for creative direction, leading my shoots and others on theirs. My design premise is 'gender-fluid,' liberating prosaic masculine designs and appropriating the male form with all that rules under femininity! I specialize in styling as I pride myself as a stylized designer and an all-around creative visionary.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design