Will Jones
Always seen with a smile on my face, I bring the fun back into design. I find enjoyment out of being told to stop breaking rules and I'm always looking for a creative solution that no one is expecting. Outside of University I'm often seen floating about playing darts or listening to music, both of which have been impactful in my development professionally in the field of Graphic Design, with companies such as Rough Trade Records on my list of collaborators. While at University I've grown to find strengths on projects involving branding and packaging even dipping my toes into the world of editorial design, with achievements being recognised as I have made appearances in lectures for first year students to talk about my work and motivations. My future I think is one that I cannot wait to discover, hopefully it is full of many more projects and opportunities that help me to showcase my passion for branding and packaging whilst being able to put a smile on peoples faces.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design