Will Devereux
I am a self-taught photographer from the North-West of England with a keen interest in the discipline for over a decade. I specialise in landscape work, although I enjoy photographing anything that catches my attention. I work in both digital and analogue processes and love to delve into the technical aspects of each. My final degree project is titled Open Circuit, which is a body of work that explores contemporary lens-based surveillance. Through use of still and moving image, my work highlights the authoritative and individualising nature of surveillance to protest the injustices facilitated by increasingly saturated and perverse methods of surveillance. This project has challenged my understanding of what is meant by photographic and has allowed me to develop skills in moving image that I previously had limited knowledge. In the future I plan to explore freelance and assisting work of which I had the opportunity to assist in photographing the work you see on this very website!
BA (Hons) Photography