Will Aloul
Growing up with the captivating environments and worlds of films and TV shows, I was inspired at a young age to design sets myself. Curiosity led me to incredible creatives like Rick Carter, whose work had brought to life that which I loved. I had to be part of this. I relish challenges and the variety an art department career offers, enjoying both team-based and individual tasks. Many roles and genres excite me, though I have a particular interest in model making and prop design. I aspire to be among those creating new worlds to tell unique stories, as demonstrated in my proposed adaptation of the cyberpunk novel ‘Neuromancer’, which can be viewed on my website along with a selection of my other work. Work experience on short films and with the BFI Academy has taught me about art department practices, though I aim to learn much more, work with amazing people and further my skills to hopefully allow me to one day provide for others the escapism that attracted me to join this industry.
BA (Hons) Design for Film and TV