Wesley Dean Hovelmeier
Wesley Hovelmeier is a multimedia fine artist whose work includes drawing, printmaking and photography. In his series ‘Cain Lives’; he integrates the Seven Deadly Sins with the way people idolise higher figures and how this reflects the values of the audiences, often paralleling this to a religion or cult. Exploring sins like wrath, wrestling is a subject he uses to appropriate an understanding of idolised masculinity through which he juxtaposes into fluid, more intimate and colourful paintings. Recently, he combines found footage, drawings and photography to create short animation pieces, exploring the concept of consumerism and its influence on people’s values. Wesley worked with a like-minded creative group Sunfried Tribe to create visuals for a music event in collaboration with Architektonics, showing the extension of his work into more digital and collaborative pieces. He looks forward to adding this to his skillset and working style as he expands his creative career.
BA (Hons) Fine Art