Vanessa Xu
My name is Vanessa and I've enjoyed the time I've studying animation in uni. I came into the course without having done much animation before and had fun learning all the principles, improving in my art alongside such as new ways to enhance a drawing through visual development and learning brand new skills like 3D art. Out of my work I think my 3D designs stand out a lot especially after taking Look Dev in 2nd year, it helped me a lot with developing environment designs and perspectives, also using it for 2D reference. My improvements fall upon not only the art but also my ability to story tell, compositions and scripts as I do also write and publish novels on the side of my University work. Everything I create at University is from one single story that I've been working on since before I started as I wanted to use it to help make the series better and more enjoyable for others to read and admire. After graduating, I plan on take Masters and developing my Look Dev skills further.
BA (Hons) Animation