Trinity Smith
I am a recent graduate of Nottingham Trent University's BA animation course, and I have finished my thesis film 'Day Shift' which is centred around 1970's diners and disco. I specialise in 2D animation, preproduction e.g. character art and concept artist and post production video editing. My favourite project that I have worked on so far would be my thesis film and the live brief. In my film I had the opportunity to fully express my creative ideas and really reflect my personality in my art. I learnt a lot about After Effects and how to use it as a post production tool in order to enhance my work, and I really enjoyed the learning experiences that came along with it. In my spare time I enjoy PC gaming, mostly rocket league and I am currently reading Vengeful by V. E. Schwab, she is my favourite author due to her amazing world building skills, her writing style extremely engaging and creative.
BA (Hons) Animation