Thomas Chin
My name is Tom and I am studying BA-Fashion & Creative Pattern Cutting at NTU. My subject area is specialised in engineering clothes around the body and building technology into garments using E-textiles. My passion is mostly focused in designing garments around the body, utilising biometrics and anatomy to influence my designs. I have a keen interest in biology and medical science and through my work you can see this interest explored by using bio-signal sensors and creating a jacket that will have an automatic cooling system built into the design seamlessly. I have previously won second place in a Vayyu X Peanuts competition and have worked as a costume design assistant for the movie Solidago where some of my designs were featured in a scene from the movie. My future ambition is to find a job where I am able to use my digital software skills learned in my course to create innovative designs and further develop the research of building technology into garment design.
MA Fashion & Creative Pattern Cutting