Suryashikha Biswas
I am a menswear designer who loves to use my cultural background as a source of inspiration for my work. My current project is driven by nostalgia as it takes inspiration from my childhood experiences of living in India. It also follows the evolution of my identity upon moving away from my home country as a young teen to live in Ireland and later, the U.K. It is important for me to highlight the importance of multiculturalism, inclusivity, and authentic representation of South Asian culture in my practise along with shedding light on sustainable and ethical garment making practises. As well as to promote healthier fashion consumption habits that breed better and more sustainable choices. Currently some of my favourite brands are Bode, Amesh and Silpa, I would love to work for a brand whose brand core I am able to resonate with in terms purpose, aesthetic, and design responsibility.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design