Sophie King
Hi, my name is Sophie King and I have a huge passion for art and design. I am a 2022 graduate of NTU's Design for Film and TV course which has allowed me to develop my skills in Set Design, Technical Drawing, White Card Model Making, Storyboarding and Concept Art. The course has provided me with a great insight into what to expect in the film industry, whilst encouraging the growth of my creativity and imagination, as well as learning the value of hard work in all my projects. Throughout my NTU journey, my interest and understanding in 3D modelling software has grown with an increased use of SketchUp, Twinmotion, and Blender, which I intend to continue learning in order to improve my skills and creativity, in both a personal and professional capacity. As I graduate of NTU, I am more enthusiastic than ever to start my journey into the film industry, to further develop my skills with real production experiences. I am keen to find opportunities that are suitable for me in the industry.
BA (Hons) Design for Film and TV