Sophie Bard
For the last 12 years I have worked as a printed textile designer with clients such as Paul Smith, Ted Baker and John Lewis as well as lecturing at universities such as Royal College of Art and Nottingham Trent. With a focus on upskilling and a desire for a graphic design role, the outcome for this project is a film, series of animations and paintings. My natural curiosity about people has led me down the path of collaborating with other creatives for this project titled ‘Collaborative harmonies of Synesthesia’. My initial inspiration derived from the desire to work with musician friend Toby Nikoosimaitak (Simiah). Toby has Synesthesia which is a phenomenon in which senses are simultaneously perceived as if another and are interchangeable. Colours can be experienced as sounds, tastes as feelings and vice versa. Blind folded music drawing facilitated primal responses to the final chosen music piece.
MA Fashion & Textile Design