Shuyang Weng
I am Shuyang Weng. I am currently studying at Nottingham Trent University in the final year. I am interested in fashion design, pattern cutting, print design, fabric reconstruction, Nomad Sculpt and C4D etc. My final major project is named "A different kind of different". My FMP aims to improve the public's tolerance for aesthetics, for all the people who thought they had no choice at all. You must remember to choose yourself and stand by yourself. The USP of my FMP is the special technical fabric used – ultraviolet sensitive fabric as I had researched three skin surface diseases (melanoma, albinism, vitiligo) and found that they are all related to sun (ultraviolet) exposure so came up with the idea of using ultraviolet-sensitive and temperature-sensitive fabrics. For the future study, I may focused more on the draping and CAD pattern making skills. I plan to look for an internship and then apply for postgraduate study.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design