Scarlet May Smith
Hi I’m Scarlet, a passionate graphic designer from Norfolk. I have had a love for art and illustration since a young age, and began studying graphic design in 2015. In the course of my graphic design journey I have found a passion for brand identity design; I enjoy being able to apply my illustration and design skills to depict a core brand message and spark emotion in the audience. I love creating fun and joyful work using a combination of illustration, type and bright colour palettes. During my degree I have been primarily working digitally but I enjoy branching out into other analogue disciplines in my spare time. NTU’s graphic design course has allowed me to refine my creative skills as well as meet a group of amazing people along the way. I hope to further explore my potential as a graphic designer in industry and look forward to meeting some more wonderful people as I continue my journey.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design