Salma Hagras
WHY VITILIGO? I found myself photographing my spots and finding an artistic pattern and structure on my skin throughout the early stages of depigmentation. But looking at these photos was always a source of depression for me, which I developed through reading and educating myself to a source of inspiration. MY STORY When my parents spotted a white patch spreading across my right hand, it eventually went gone, but as I got older, I started getting more spots. after that I was diagnosed with vitiligo. It's taken me virtually my entire life to accept that I have an autoimmune condition. I've dealt with bullying, pointing, staring, and all kinds of inquiries. I've always felt strange and alone until I met others who share my experiences. That has made me feel normal and see vitiligo from another perspective. Vitiligo is not contagious, and my patches have no bearing on who I am. Yes, I am different, but it only adds to my individuality.
BA (Hons) Decorative Arts