Sajeda Alfarsi
Sajeda Mohammed Alfarsi is an Omani contemporary painter currently living in the United Kingdom. Being in a foreign country pushed her to find her subject matter, addressing the cultural differences between nations. As a result, her work revolves around her country's cultural, historical, and religious aspects. Arabic being her mother tongue influenced her to include Arabic text in her practice. Alfarsi is working with text and narrative to paint scenes from everyday life, people, costumes, foods, routines, and rituals in a new-fashioned way, simple and child-like. She aims to represent the Arabian aesthetics through her practice by focusing on the details of fabrics, textiles, and ornamentations. Her paintings are an autobiography, capturing her experience and showing her identity and national affiliation. In 2022, she will open commissions and start her own art business.
BA (Hons) Fine Art