Rosie Thomson
Welcome to my work! I'm a creative thinker and a multidisciplinary graphic designer with a speciality in producing physical pieces and artefacts that not only look intriguing on screen, but can be experienced and interacted with. From my love of incorporating both analogue and digital forms, my unique approaches and extremely refined craft surprise, engage and excite audiences. Finding inspiration and joy in learning new skills and techniques is something I've really enjoyed developing throughout my final year. Immersing myself within every stage of the design and production process has definitely resulted in my work to thrive to a new level, as well as having fun mastering new skills. I find the combination of a hands-on approach with digital practice to be refreshing in such a digital age. Here I have shown a personal project based on my dissertation celebrating Japanese design, in addition to a more humorous and light-hearted project where I invited people to confess their secrets!
BA (Hons) Graphic Design