Rongrong Wongrattananon
Rongrong Wongrattananon is a graduate with a master’s Degree in Textile who was studying in Product Design for her bachelor’s Degree. While in Fashion and Textile school, she created furniture with sheer fabric by researching into paper sculptures. Aiming to combine furniture’s structural knowledge with textile aesthetic to provide the novel aspect of textile art. As a result, a side table, which is made from layered cotton fabric, was created. The work experiences which she got from master’s degree have brought motivations and excitements into her life, allowing her to strengthen her decision-making and problem-solving and multi-tasking skills As a strong believer in the power of multi-knowledge for generating creative ideas, Rongrong is passionate and proud to create designed work with expertise from various design fields. For more information about Rongrong and her work, check out her professional website.
MA Textile Design Innovation