Roksana Hajnas
Hello! I am a bilingual, innovative, and enthusiastic storyteller specialising in Look Development. Throughout my time at University, I was able to delve into many stages of the animation pipeline and felt confident in doing so, however, my focus has always been on 3D modelling. I am highly proficient in Autodesk Maya with working knowledge of ZBrush that I aim to improve during an MA degree at NTU. I’ve worked with multiple clients including Headway Lincolnshire - a wonderful brain injury charity for which I made a 2D animation communicating the different services they provide. My thesis film, soon to be screened in Piccadilly View Cinema, London, was heavily influenced by German Expressionism of the 1920s and ended up being a hybrid of 3D and paper animation. In the fleeting moments I was not working on this project, I could be found crocheting, foraging, reading, painting, or playing the keyboard.
BA (Hons) Animation