Roisin Bourke
Roisin Bourke currently lives and works in Nottingham; her work is a spiritual, expressive process which concentrates on areas of spontaneity and serendipity. She creates her work from embodied states of being, bringing her truthful expression into her practice to be expressed through the alchemy of the materials around her. Her work consists of large scale gestural abstract paintings and creative staging. Roisin has taught art in a school in Tanzania, was commissioned to fully furnish a large Ski Chalet with paintings in Austria and exhibited in a number of exhibitions. Roisin's upcoming exhibition is at the NAE open in Nottingham and has a number of commissions. Her plan is to continue to develop as an artist, gaining further commissions and Exhibitions . She also aspires to combine her art with her other passion for spiritual development to produce courses to help people to connect with their creativity through their own self expression.
BA (Hons) Fine Art