Reuben Frank Woods
My work is a consideration of outside space and the relationships between people and landscapes. It is in part a document of these interactions, although the work is intended to present a narrative rather than a record and is in some ways a form of visual poetry. The process involved in the making of the work is, for me, as important as the outcome. My hope is to advocate for each space, but also to present a visual representation of my own experience of it. Beyond this, I am interested in how photography can be used as a tool to support our engagement with outside spaces. At a time when we are ecologically uncertain about the future of the planet, it is important that we reconnect with the landscapes we inhabit. While photography is often categorised as a technology that distances us from the natural world, I feel that it can actually fulfil the opposite purpose, allowing us to rediscover lost connections through dedicating time solely to observation and appreciation.
BA (Hons) Photography