Rebecca Sarah Allen
I am a highly motivated individual, coming from a strong creative background within textiles, photography, and arts-based practices. Studying Fashion Design has taught me invaluable knowledge about the design process, developing market and trend research as well as my technical 3D skillset for both Menswear and womenswear, pattern cutting and manufacturing as well as enhancing my CAD skills. I believe fashion is an expression of personal identity, in which I have an interest in exploring further, particularly through unisex clothing to push boundaries and experiment with inclusive, unrestrictive designs for all. Within my time at University, I have explored modular designs which, have the potential to minimise our consumption habits creating garments that can withstand a fast fashion led society. Due to the adaptability, giving wears control over styling and promoting multifunctionality and longevity, an area in which I am eager to drive within the future of the fashion industry.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design