Rebecca Froggatt
As a designer, my main focus is sustainability and making the most of our resources - I aim to carry this throughout my career. My recent collection, named "foundations" focused on GENDERLESS, SEASONLESS, AGELESS, TIMELESS and OCCASION-LESS garments. My collection entailed detachable, interchangeable and adjustable garments which are unisex and appropriate for anyone at any stage in their life. In order for the garments to be kept and loved for a lifetime, I created limitless options within the collection whilst keeping limited pieces in the wardrobe. This prevents over consumption and mass amounts of garments heading into landfill, as when buying into my garments, the wearer can adjust and switch out jacket halves to fit their style. Inspired by the people of Pormuraaw who take their washed up ghost nets ( a silent killer of our oceans) and transform them into sculptures, I have done so with deadstock from Paul Smith (a brand based and born in my local city of Nottingham).
BA (Hons) Fashion Design