Rachel Moody
I am a knitwear designer with a desire to create fun and playful designs, full of bright colours and exciting textures. Sustainability is at the core of all my design projects, as is the desire to create innovative knitted fabrics which push the boundaries of knitwear. I am skilled in designing, programming and knitting fabrics using Shima and Stoll and also have experience designing garments using Clo 3D. My MA collection explores the desires of the post-covid to create a sustainable collection which appeals to them. It has discovered the consumers desire for clothes which are both comfortable and stylish so focuses on designing elevated loungewear. It also recognises the post-covid consumers interest in wellness particularly the Biophilia trend, an architecture term meaning to create designs which incorporate nature, which became popular during lockdown and therefore takes design inspiration from natural imagery.
MA Fashion Knitwear Design