Rachel Leith
My collection is titled ‘The World Today Doesn’t Make Sense so Why Should I Knit Clothes That Do’. In simple terms my aim was to create clothing free from judgement. I feel strongly about the outdated nature of gender categorisation and how this doesn’t reflect the society we live in today, despite research showing that the term ’unisex’ is off putting for men shopping through fear of social rejection. Therefore my project is androgynous clothing, based upon the cubism art movement and the themes of hidden identity represented in the cubist style of art. In order to have clothing that fit a range of figures I, not only, fully fashioned every garment to create minimal waste, but pushed myself to create adjustable clothing through use of chord channels, ties and utilised ribbing panels for extra stretch. These extra features allow each wearer to have a personalised fit to the garment, increasing the longevity of the garment as it will grow with the wearer.
MA Fashion Knitwear Design