Queenie Appiagyei
My name is Queenie and I was born and raised in North London. I grew up in an estate where there was a lot of graffiti and music, spending a lot of my time watching films and TV. As a result, my practice samples ideas from music, television, and film, combined with portraiture to create large-scale acrylic paintings, sound and moving image works. I describe myself as a multidisciplinary, Black science fiction, sample-based artist. These mediums support a narrative I wrote called Revenge of the 7. A science-fiction story about multiple beings understanding the meaning of power, and the battle to peace. A tale told in the past, from the future. A tale both visually and sonically stimulating. Welcome, this is Revenge of the 7. A story of power, betrayal, and pride. A story of 7 brothers. Each one given unique abilities by their father known as the CREATOR. VECTRONOUS against existence. In an intergalactic battle of will and fortitude, Who will be victorious? Coming to a planet near you.
BA (Hons) Fine Art