My name is Priya Jain. I am a textile designer specializes in woven and print textiles. Originally from India, my design ideology focuses on using the traditional techniques practiced around the world, researching them, and adopting that in my own style. For my latest project, I worked on such a technique of woven shibori and tassels. Freedom of expression and equality of genders is an important part of my design message. I believe that design has the potential to become the language that can be understood by the world. As a professional Textile Designer, I make sure to stay at the forefront of all the latest trends and am constantly on the search for inspiration so that I can provide designs with a combination of modern and traditional textiles. From conceptualization to the final outcome, each design process is completely unique to the project. I also work as a freelance Graphic Designer which is a great way for me to keep connected with my digital and software skills.
MA Textile Design Innovation