Prachi Dhimmar
With an admiration for understanding, I am a graphic designer that wants to learn more - whether that's learning how to self-heat a can or explore the thoughts and feelings during a panic attack. I have delved into many topics this year from mental health, international content, cultural heritage, entertainment and nostalgia. Through this process, I have found enjoyment collecting primary research such as: conducting an interview with an agoraphobic and filming my grandma make masala chai. Leading on from the research, I strive during the idea production, coming up with concepts and visualising what something could be. With these concepts, I find comfort in creating analogue artworks that I then take digitally, utilising them for more. I have tried making patterns using spices, printing with sweets etc. and believe that work comes out of work. The thing I love most about design are the insight, stories, and the connections that are made during and after a project.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design