Polina Paspata
Polina Paspata is a Cypriot artist currently located in Nottingham. Having lived her whole life on an island, her daily engagement with the sea cultivated her to adopt a peaceful mentality. The artist was always fascinated by the individuality of each person; naturally, her curiosity in the human form and its impact on our daily life was amplified throughout the years. She now investigates the human essence within a space, through the exploration of its aura and excludes any exterior features of a human form. Her installations are influenced by her mindset and the daily engagement with people around her; embracing a harmonious quality that allows for a stress-less experience. She uses figure cut-outs, ambient lighting and soothing sound to demonstrate our inner dimension of individuality. The artist has worked as a Gallery Ambassador along with her studies and participated in a group exhibition in Nottingham. Finding opportunities to exhibit is the artist's aim for the near future.
BA (Hons) Fine Art