Pippa Broomfield
Cotswold born, I am currently a Nottingham-based Graphic Designer with passions across a range of design fields; in particular illustration, photography and print. I find that analogue design suits me best as I love expressing my creativity and the joy of making in my work. I strongly believe that designers have a unique power to insight societal change, which is what motivated me to volunteer as a Junior Designer at She Shirts - a feminist, non profit and sustainable fashion brand. This belief also fuels my work, influencing me towards projects tackling issues such as climate change and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; a topic close to heart as I myself live with the condition. My recent zine project ‘PANTS!’ captures the true essence of my work: unexpected in subject matter, illustrative in style, and designed to delight. When I'm not working you can find me playing dodgeball, napping, or shopping for stripy t-shirts. Thank you for looking at my work!
BA (Hons) Graphic Design