Ping-Chun Chen
I am Ping-Chun Chen, a fashion knitwear design student from Taiwan. My project is based on one of the ethnic groups in Taiwan, Hakka, aiming to innovate Hakka traditional clothing. Knitted textiles are not representative materials of traditional Hakka clothing. I would like to explore the possibility of using knitting techniques to recreate Hakka traditional clothing and place traditional clothing elements onto modern silhouettes. At the same time, I focus on developing summer resort knitwear design. Some people in Taiwan think knitwear is warm and only suitable for winter. But I would like to break this stereotype and try to find fibres and stitches which have comfortable feelings and textures in hot summer. In my project, I focus on developing lightweight and breathable fabrics. I am inspired by Hakka traditional floral prints and Hakka indigo dyeing. My project is knitted by 12 and 14 gauge Shima Seiki and 10 gauge Dubied knitting machine.
MA Fashion Knitwear Design