Niamh Darrian Crabtree
I was born in Staffordshire but currently reside in Nottingham. Working primarily large scale using a wide variety of unorthodox materials, I take inspiration from artists such as Samantha DaSilva and Karla Black as well as the Art Povera movement. Throughout my studies at Nottingham Trent University, I have exhibited in an online exhibition called The Great Escape at One Thoresby Street in a collaborative animation. Using my body, as well as tools, allows for an organic flow through the work, aiming for a tactile experience through imagination by letting the materials guide me rather than controlling their outcome also generates an optical seductiveness. Creating an optical experience for the viewer is important to me, to make them stop and become immersed when discovering my work. The materials play a great part in this, being used to create depth and texture and when manipulated to seem softer and used alongside neutral colours, a relaxed environment can be made and vice versa.
BA (Hons) Fine Art