Neve Kelly
I studied Design for Film and Television and my favourite aspects of the course is the Visualisation and Model Making, because while you’re really allowed to showcase and communicate your ideas clearly - it’s also fun looking at other people’s models! My favourite project we have done has got to be the second major project. On this project we had a lot more time to design and develop our ideas and therefore everyone just went a lot bigger and better with their designs, and because of this I loved seeing everyone’s work and how much they had grown since the beginning of the course. The studio space as well is another fantastic part of the course! It’s a great place to work and provides a safe place to make mistakes and grow, and with how much your there it becomes almost like a second home. In the future I definitely want to work in the creative industry! This course has given me a taster of what working in an art department is like and the amazing community that comes with it!
BA (Hons) Design for Film and TV