Nafiseh Bozorgzad
I have always been interested in artworks since I was a child. When I went to high school, I selected Animation as my major. When I wanted to go to university, I selected Cinema-directorship for bachelor degree. After my graduation, I became an animation teacher at the very school I was studying. It was what I have always dreamed about. Moreover, I have worked in a film studio as an editor. Since I was passionate about animation, I studied Animation for my master degree. My professional practice goals can divide into three paths. Firstly, will try to study PhD in film studies or art history. Secondly, after graduation, I will look for jobs related to my interests, which are most 2D animation pipelines. Lastly, establishing a company is my long-term goal, and I look forward to producing artwork like short films or short animations that can participate in big festivals.
MA Animation