Muskaan Shorewala
Hi, I’m Muskaan, a designer and as well as a hoarder of well-designed things! I love to create and communicate ideas visually. I’m drawn to all things witty and my inspiration comes from observing the most mundane objects. Some of my key areas of interest are branding, typography, interface design and publication design. My projects explore themes ranging from self-expression through poetry to subjects like mental health, anti-consumerism, food and humour. Through my work, I aim to combine the best of the digital and physical worlds and create newer experiences. What I love most about being in the design field is that I get to explore a range of ideas and mediums and engage with people. Being an international student, I have been able to expand my cultural and semiotic understanding and build my work based on that. I aspire to offer my unique perspective to create positive change and bring joy to every person who interacts with my work!
BA (Hons) Graphic Design