Muhan Wang
I have been learning sketch, gouache, watercolour, Chinese painting, and studied photography in China for one year,I learned Graphic Design during my undergraduate in NTU, and Postgraduate study of Branding identity. Because I operated social media platform called XiaoHongShu (which is one of most popular Chinese social media in China) for one year between my BA and MA. I have 46K followers on XiaoHongshu. As an influencer, I helped more than 20 restaurants, hotels and shops to do social media promotion. After this, I choose branding and identity for my MA.I used to run my own craft studio. I also like fashion design, product furniture design and design crafts very much. After my postgraduate, I plan go to Jingdezhen for studying china craft. I had internship in a design studio for half year, during which I learned rhino 3D.I have done VI design for many stores and industrial products packaging design. All kinds of design work make my heart beat. feel free to contact me :).
MA Branding and Identity