Morgan Yates
Hello, my name is Morgan. I am a 23 year old graphic designer at Nottingham Trent University. I focus on a mixture of Illustration, Typography, Fine Art and Branding. I combine these skills with Adobe Illustrator and Procreate to produce my designs. My strengths are a keen eye for small detail and visually attractive colour combinations. Also, my use of strong shapes and line work. I have always been very hands on, I have experimented in many areas, such as ceramics, painting, tattoo design, fashion, and a particular passion for textiles, including embroidery, screen printing and sewing. These are all areas I would love to continue to improve on and learn about, and merge further with my design skills. Moving on from University, I hope to work with like-minded artists to share inspiration and ideas, as well as learn from knowledgeable designers who can help me grow and learn more about the putting these skills to work.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design