Molly Romney
I am a final year Fashion Design student focussing on womenswear. I am inspired by the contrasting themes of nature and urban environments. My final project has explored how the isolation of COVID-19 has led us to revaluate our connection with nature and its positive effects on health. Within my designs, I wanted to capture the fragility and importance of nature combined with themes of containment, structure, and urbanisation. I especially enjoy the digital aspects of design alongside the manufacturing, pattern cutting, and toiling process. Additionally, throughout the summer of 2021, I completed a studio internship at Rosie Billington, allowing me to gain valuable hands-on experience manufacturing high-quality garments for orders, whilst working closely with customers to create bespoke designs and patterns. I am passionate about sustainability and longevity, exploring how we can use design to develop long-lasting, unique garments that have a minimalised effect on the environment.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design