Mia Fowler
Throughout my work I have focused on inclusivity, looking at a unisex collection in order to encourage people to accept their inner beauty. I have allowed myself to work on conceptual garments that have innovative pattern cutting techniques, such as being adaptable so that any gender can wear the garments. Looking into pink for my dissertation has meant that I have viewed pink in a more positive way, which is seen in my final collection. My work has a focus on femininity and I have wanted to show how everyone should be able to embrace femininity without judgement. By researching this it has meant that I have a better understanding of gender within the fashion industry. My work can be seen on my Instagram (linked to my profile) which presents my processes and how I have developed the silhouettes and fabric manipulation. I hope in the future that I can develop these skills further by creating on my own high end collections that will be able to be sold and targeted to anyone.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design