Meg Garrod
Meg Garrod is a feminist, self-love illustrator and activist from Lincolnshire. Meg has worked with brands such as Pinterest, CoppaFeel! and Lucy and Yak, along with running her own business since 2018. Meg’s business, Meg Garrod Art, creates and designs products with themes of body positivity, encouraging her audience to love themselves and embrace their bodies. Her business showcases her passion for feminism and social justice, speaking out on social issues and biases. Meg works across illustration, branding, print design, product design and content creation. Providing brands with content that reflects her colourful, inclusive and joyful style. Her true love is for illustration, working both digitally and traditionally and then transferring her designs onto products such as stationery, accessories and print. After University, Meg will be working as a freelance designer and content creator while continuing to run her body positive brand.
BA (Hons) Graphic Design