Mefe Uwotu
I am a womenswear designer, who has unique experience in bridal and evening wear as I interned with thriving brands such as Alonuko and Sarah Boadu. I worked intimately with both brands, absorbing all the knowledge, wisdom and hacks they had to impart. I have gained great manufacturing skills and applied creative pattern cutting to the collections I have designed. I am a fun, eccentric and creative woman, I am sure my peers can attest to the infectious energy I bring to any room. I have a big personality which I display on my YouTube channel- if there's three words to describe my channel its 'fashion, fun and faith', which is exactly what I'm all about. I have also been the senior manufacturer for a company called Eljae, whereby I mass produced their tops (from my living room, might I add- one day it'll be from my studio). Speaking of one day, my goal is to be a content creator, fashion designer creative director of my own brand.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design