May Illingworth
I am passionate about creating quality, classic pieces that will be treasured. My industrial experience includes working with Womenswear Tailor Dara Ford for 7 months, where I sewed toiles and garments for clients. I also learned couture and tailoring techniques and gained knowledge of how to work with different types of fabrics and what treatment, finishes and techniques they require. I used this experience to create my final collection ‘How To Live Together’. Eduardo Neira said “We live in boxes. We play in squares. We work in squares. We study in squares. Our mind is a square.” My FMP investigates how we can connect with nature in our everyday, through biophilic architecture and clothing. My grandmother has been a large inspiration for this project, alongside the Light and Space Movement, and sculptural and kinetic artists such as Kendall Buster and Theo Jansen.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design